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Gold Spectrometer DX - 800

Gold Spectrometer DX - 800


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Place of Origin: DongGuan
Brand Name: DahoMeter
Certification: CE,Rohs,FCC
Model Number: DX-800

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Minimum Order Quantity: one set
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Detailed Product Description


pawnbroking,jewelry industry,banking industry,jewelry testing center,mining industry,precious metal recycling,precious metal materials researching laboratory.,etc.


Advantages and Characteristics

(1)Integrated an inbuilt computer with high industrial motherboard and multi- point hand touch, you don’t need to prepare other computers, it can bring you super smooth experience feelings

(2)Three core components inside the instrument are all imported, so it determines that the instrument can accurately distinguish different gold samples especially 99.9% gold and 99.99% gold

(3)The instruments possess own unique mode of “one-key test”, it is China first and same as Europe's top spectrometers. No matter any unknown metal material, the operators don’t need to choose test templates and software intelligently matches the best way to measure and calculate. They are capable of fast, precise and non-destructive metal testing, making them suitable for use by jewelry retailers, jewelry manufacturers, precious metal refineries, pawn shops, government quality inspection departments, banks, laboratories and tertiary institutions

(4)Super long two years free warranty, confidence comes from pure European spectrometer production technology

(5)The instruments have an innovative function that can help customers identify gold-plated samples

(6)The users can see sample test position accurately by camera and cabin lighting system, and it can improve the testing confidence of users

(7)Equipped with a variety of optical collimator, breakthrough solved test problems of tiny metal samples (such as spun gold and gold thread samples)

(8)We can download and upload test data from network, and it is easy to view and share test results

(9)Temperature drift rate of all the parts inside instrument is controlled within one over one million, ensuring the strong stability and high precision of instrument. Testing results can show 4 digits after the decimal point, beyond all domestic spectral type precious metals analyzer

(10)Ultrahigh resolution, Super clear camera, Super convenient operation, Super fast detection speed,Perfect human interface





Analysis range                                      1ppm to 99.99%

Accuracy                                                  RSD ≤ 0.1%

Sample form                                          Solid, powder, liquid

Tube voltage                                          5KV ~ 50KV

High Voltage Power Supply                0 ~ 50KV Spellman (USA)

Camera                                                  HD camera

Filters                                                     Choose a variety of customized sections

Detector type                                       The detector is proportional counter tube

Multichannel analyzer                         KEY-DMCP

Sample chamber size                       310 * 280 * 60 (mm)

Test time                                              10sec ~ 100sec

Elements of interest                           Noble metal  Au, Ir, Ag, Pt, Pd, Ru, Rh, Os, etc.

                                                               Basic metals  W, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Cd, Sn, Pb, etc. (Na ~ U)

Analysis software                               KEY-FP qualitative and quantitative analysis software

External dimensions                         380 * 372 * 362 (mm)

Weight                                                  30Kg

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