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Computer Control Rubber Rheometer/Rotorless Rheometer with ISO 6502

Computer Control Rubber Rheometer/Rotorless Rheometer with ISO 6502

    • Computer Control Rubber Rheometer/Rotorless Rheometer with ISO 6502
    • Computer Control Rubber Rheometer/Rotorless Rheometer with ISO 6502
    • Computer Control Rubber Rheometer/Rotorless Rheometer with ISO 6502
    • Computer Control Rubber Rheometer/Rotorless Rheometer with ISO 6502
    • Computer Control Rubber Rheometer/Rotorless Rheometer with ISO 6502
  • Computer Control Rubber Rheometer/Rotorless Rheometer with ISO 6502

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Dongguan
    Brand Name: DahoMeter
    Certification: CE,FCC
    Model Number: DH-NR-01

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: one set
    Price: negotiable
    Packaging Details: standard exporting wooden package
    Delivery Time: In stock
    Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 300 sets per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: No Rotor Rheometer Power: 220V±10%
    Compressed Air: 0.32Mpa Controlled By Pneumatic Control Valve Swing Frequency: 100 Times/minute (about 1.7HZ)
    Testing Before Delivery: Yes After-sale Customer Service: Yes


    Computer Control Rubber Rheometer/Rotorless Rheometer with ISO 6502



    This machine is designed by GB/T16584<Rubber——use no-rotor rheometer to test vulcanization

    characteristic, can meet ISO6502 standard,and can test the data of Italy standards about T10,T30,T50, T60, T90. This machine can be use test unvulcanized rubber characteristic,and test out the suitable vulcanizing

    time. Used imported intelligent digital temperature controller,easy adjustment,wide temperature controlling

    range,high accuracy,good stability and reproducibility.Use computer to control the machine and store the test

    data and print the data.Test curve can be compared and amplification in software.


    Software Introduction:

    A.Testing standardization:GB/T16584ISO6502:1991 and ASTMD5289-95.

    B.Specimen information:set the material no,like “RBS6".User can set the title freely.

    C.High quality function:You can modify the testing time when in operation.For example:When you set 20min to

    finish vulcanization,when in testing to 11min,you find the rubber material can finish vulcanization in 9min,and no

    need to test longer.You can modify the test time in software to 9min,the test will stop in 9min,and will draw

    integrity vulcanization curve and caculate the test data.If you test 18min,19min will finish,but it doesn't finish

    vulcanization,need to continue testing,or the testing data will be wrong.At this time,you can set the test time

    longer,modify 25min or more,Until the vulcanization finishing.It can time and rubber material.

    D.Graph curve scale automatic optimization(Auto Scale),after testing,software can according to test data size

    to adjust Y scale,

    according to 0—5 Mv 0—10Mv 0-20Mv,making testing curve more beautiful,for different material, you can also compare the data in software.


    Main functions:

    non-curing equipment used monolithic rotor control, which include: host, temperature measurement, temperature control, data acquisition and processing, sensors and electrical chains and other components. These measurements, temperature control circuit consists of a temperature control device, platinum resistance, heater composition, capable of automatic tracking power and ambient temperature changes, automatically correct PID parameters to achieve fast and accurate temperature control purposes. Data acquisition system and mechanical linkage to complete the rubber vulcanization process of force torch signal automatic detection, automatic real-time display of temperature and settings. After curing, automatic processing, automatic calculation, print vulcanization curve and process parameters. Show curing time, curing power Ju, also has a variety of audible alert.
    non-rotor curing equipment controlled by computer, the computer setting the parameters of the direct control of test parameters rheometer. Display real-vulcanization curve and temperature curve, store test results, different adjustable comparison of test results and in a different color.


    1. This instrument is really confined mold cavity, and the United States Alpha (formerly Monsanto) has done. Repeatability, and test data comparable with the Alpha. At the international leading position in the same industry.
    2.The instrument development platform based on large databases, temperature control devices using the software to directly control and collection and processing. Instrument to overcome the general curing temperature of the shortcomings of using temperature controller (accuracy poor). The technical leadership of international new trend.
    3. This instrument has statistics, analysis, storage and comparison functions. Humanized design, easy to operate
    4. Using imported high-precision sensors

    How it works:

    The rubber sample into the mold cavity is almost entirely enclosed and maintained at test temperature, the mold cavity are of two parts, of which the lower part with a small linear reciprocating movement (swing oscillation), oscillatory shear specimen produced strain determination is the reaction torque of the mold cavity (force), this torque (force) depends on the shear modulus of rubber.
    Curing test specimens after the start of the shear modulus increases, the computer machine real-time display and record the torque (force), when the torque (force) rose to a stable value or the maximum as well

    as return to the state, they get a torque ( force) and time curve, that is, curing curve (Figure 1), shape of the curve and test the temperature and plastic material characteristics.




    • The standard for the implementation of the vulcanization instrument is: ASTM D5289-95 ISO6502-1999(E) GB/T16584-1996
    • Temperature range: room temperature to 200 °C
    • Temperature measurement accuracy: 100 to 200°C, ≤±0.1°C
    • Temperature stability: 100 to 200°C, ≤±0.1°C
    • Setting range: 0 to 200°C; setting minimum unit: 0.1°C
    • Temperature display range: 0 to 200°C; display resolution: 0.1°C
    • Set the time range: 0 to 200 minutes; set the minimum unit: 1 minute
    • Automatic range switching: automatic increase according to actual torque
    • Power: 50HZ, ~220V±10%, 50±1Hz, must be well grounded
    • Compressed air: 0.32Mpa controlled by pneumatic control valve
    • Swing frequency: 100 times/minute (about 1.7HZ)
    • Ambient temperature: normal temperature -40°C, relative humidity less than 80%, no corrosive gas in the air
    • Quality: ≈250kg
    • Power: 2KW
    • Dimensions: 680×630×1100(mm)

    Computer Control Rubber Rheometer/Rotorless Rheometer with ISO 6502

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