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Solid , Liquid , Powder Specific Gravity Meter Price , Specific Gravity Testing Equipment DE - 120T

Solid , Liquid , Powder Specific Gravity Meter Price , Specific Gravity Testing Equipment DE - 120T

    • Solid , Liquid , Powder Specific Gravity Meter Price , Specific Gravity Testing Equipment DE - 120T
    • Solid , Liquid , Powder Specific Gravity Meter Price , Specific Gravity Testing Equipment DE - 120T
    • Solid , Liquid , Powder Specific Gravity Meter Price , Specific Gravity Testing Equipment DE - 120T
    • Solid , Liquid , Powder Specific Gravity Meter Price , Specific Gravity Testing Equipment DE - 120T
  • Solid , Liquid , Powder Specific Gravity Meter Price , Specific Gravity Testing Equipment DE - 120T

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: guangdong
    Brand Name: DahoMeter
    Model Number: DE-120T

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: one unit
    Price: 400USD - 1500USD
    Packaging Details: 45 * 20 * 36cm
    Delivery Time: 3 - 5 days
    Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 300 SETS per month
    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
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    Detailed Product Description
    Density Resolution: 0.0001g/cm3 Weight Resolution: 0.001g
    Maximum Weight: 120g RS-232C: Yes
    Power Supply: AC 100V - 240V Standard European Type Warranty: 2 Years
    High Light:

    specific gravity meter price


    gravity meter


    specific gravity testing equipment


    2 Years Warranty!!!Solid , Liquid , Powder Specific Gravity Meter Price , Specific

    Gravity Testing Equipment DE -120T


    Application:It is suitable for the field of quality management,cost control,new formula

    researching,new materials researching, scientific academies, researching key laboratories,quality inspection.dye,bleach,leather,glaze,clay suspension.,etc industrial.


    Standards:According to the ASTM D792,ASTM D297,GB/T1033,GB/T2951,JIS K6268,ISO 2781,ISO 1183,GB/T11540,GB/T12206,GB/T5518 standards etc.


    DE-120T can measure the density of solid and liquid; Features of simple operation,wide application,fully function; alarm rings when judge density is unqualified through the top and bottom limitation setting.About the solid mode,function of measuring DIN volume abrasion loss and expansibility of rubber,actual density and apparent density of powder,oil content of oil bearing,density of high density products.etc. adopt the memoryless dynamic measurement method for liquid mode; function of measuring density with three mode,get out of the cumbersome operation of re-calibrate when change weight. Function of displaying concentration,density and baume.




    Density resolution: 0.0001 g/cm3

    Maximum weight:120g

    Minimum weight: 0.001g

    Measurement range: 0.0001-99.9999g/cm3




    (1)No need to open and close the lid,simple operation,shorter time measuring,according to the specification of new materials laboratory.


    (2)Show the percentage composition of mixed samples for researching and developing new materials.


    (3)Automatically judge whether density is qualified or not;prompt alarm.


    (4)Function of solution compensation.either liquid or water can be used as medium.


    (5)Function of setting actual water temperature,measuring medium density,and water proof medium density.


    (6)Function of setting aerostatic buoyancy and the bound of density.


    (7)Adopt the completed high-capacity measurement accessories with the transparent injection mould tank,which can resist wear,fall off,and corrosion.


    (8)Density value of samples with the temperature from normal to 100 centigrade can be measured.


    (9)Take samples conveniently;50CC or less would be okay.


    (10)It is very easy to clean the measurement cup,and can’t got the limitation of the size of pycnometer caliber.


    (11)Volatile liquid,corrosivity liquid,vicidity liquid,strong acid and strong lye liquid can be measured quickly.


    (12)Adopt the completed special windproof and dustproof cover,which makes the structure convenient and durable.


    (13)Interface of RS-232C is included.the printer of DE-40 will be available to connect PC with instrument.


    Measurement procedure of solid model:


    • Place the sample on the test board to measure the weight in the air,and then press the ENTER button to memory.
    • Place the sample into the water to measure the weight,and then press the ENTER button to the density value.


    Measurement procedure of liquid model:


    • Place breaker with samples on testing board.and take off the weigh of pothook.
    • Make standard weigh hanged on the pothook and submerged in the liquid to be test totally.and then press the ENTER button to memory.Density valuve can be displayed.


    Measurement procedure of hydroscopicity products(porosity products)


    • Place the sample on the testing board to measure the weight in air,and then press the ENTER button to memory.
    • Place the sample that did the waterproof treatment into water to measure the weight in water,and then press the ENTER button to the density value.


    Specification Table






    density resolution

    0.0001 g/cm3

    Weight range


    Density range





    Measuring solid items

    Density of all forms of solid,including metal,rubber,plastic,film,floating body,powder,foam,viscous body,structure,tubing,wood,sponge,glass,pitch,cement,soil,gem,paper,concrete,graphite,coal,rock,ceramic.etc.(cover the products of

    hydroscopicity,non-absorbency,high – viscosity)

    Measuring mode

    Archimedes principle

    A.general solid measuring method B.porosity materials saturation mode C.porosity materials surface covering method mode.

    D.professional constant volume mode method E.professional rubber abrasion loss and expansibility mode method F.professional hydroscopicity mode method G.professional oil length mode method

    Measurable project

    density of general non-absorbency solid

    density of porosity materials

    oil length of oil bearing

    porosity of porosity materials

    DIN volume abrasion loss of rubber

    powder density

    water absorption rate


    Measuring time

    About 5 seconds

    Memory method

    memory in shorter time by one procedure

    Specific gravity measurement frame

    unicase injection forming professional specific gravity mesaturement frame


    Measurement tank

    unicase injection forming transparent professional measurement tank


    Result disply

    Disply according to the model:density,specific gravity,apparent density,volume density,wet density,total porosity,effective porosity,oil content,water absorption,wear loss,wear index,expansibility,volume and so on.

    Funtion setting

    Water temperature setting,density setting of medium of comparative solution,density setting of medium of waterproofing treatment ,boung setting,aerostatic buoyancy setting,

    Loss value setting of fixed weight of reference glue,loss value setting of weight of reference glue,density setting of reference glue.


    material percentage

    Function introduction

    automatically read the percentage of the main material in the two kinds of mixed materials


    freely set the density value of main material and subordinate material


    density value,percentage of main material



    Measurement type

    a:mobility liquid,vicidity liquid,volatile liquid,corrosivity liquid,high temperature liquid,suspension liquid,emulsion and so on.



    powder,essence,blood,sodium chloride,glycerol,electrolyte,diesel,refrigerating,hydrofluoric


    Measurement principle

    Archimedes principle displacement method



    3 group

    Measurement time

    about 5 seconds

    Memory mode

    memory in shorter time by one procedure

    Result disply

    Density and baume





    stainless steel specific gravity measurement frame

    Function setting

    Temperature setting,density setting, measurement weights setting of standard sensor ball and weights setting in the water



    distilled testing



    auto correction with one button,auto detection.

    Output mode

    standard interface of RS-232,output and

    Print testing data conveniently

    Standard accessories

    Host,tank,test board,tweezers,thermometer,100G weight,wind and dust cover,a set of measuring floating body parts ,power transformer,DE-20A standard liquid measurement assembly

    Optional accessories

    DE-40 printer,DE-20B anti corrosive liquid measurement assembly


    AC100V - 240V

    Main feature

    data display,accuracy,speediness,convenience



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